x1000 Endless thanks to TOG (The Office Group)

Some companies are just the best. As well as having around 30 well designed co-working, meeting and event spaces all over London, TOG also run a yearly competition to help a bunch of young entrepreneurs.  Nice, non?

I was extremely lucky (and just about sprightly enough to be counted as 'young') and was accepted in the TOG100 initiative giving me access to free workspaces across London for a year! 

Those who have tried to sleep and eat in this beautiful city are aware of the struggle (£££) with space to work being very difficult to come by unless you want to nurse a £4 coffee for 3 hours.

At TOG there is space, working WIFI, roof gardens, coffee machines and walls covered in art. I'm currently writing this from a deserted rooftop terrace in the middle of Shoreditch and I may actually cry from gratitude.

But seriously, the support that they offer as a leg-up to young business really deserves recognition and I will be always grateful for it!