Meet the Makers

002 + 003 - Neetu + Shanti Ji


Neetu Teller
shanti ji portrait.jpg

Amazing mother and daughter duo Neetu and Shanti Ji were an absolute dream to work with. Hard working, dedicated but always fun !

Teller clothing group shot

Neetu is one of the youngest in the group at 16 years old. She is extremely bright and is committed to finishing school and getting good grades, as well as working in the Saheli centre and improving her sewing in order to help support her family.

Shanti Ji is like a mother to the whole group, being kind and helping everyone, knowing what's going on & making sure everything is in order.

Teller Clothing _ Shanti Ji and Neetu

They have been working with the Saheli centre on the Winter Garden project, growing iron rich vegetables that are difficult to come by in the desert village of Bikhamkor.

(I promise that they are looking at a lush green garden...although you can see it!)

They were kind enough to show me around their home, where Shanti Ji runs a small sweet shop that was started by a micro-loan from the Saheli centre.

Teller Clothing_Shanti_Sweetshop
Teller Clothing_ShantiJi Home
Teller Clothing _ Neetu
Teller Clothing _ Shanit chai

Neetu showed me her school work and amazing drawings.... and Shanti Ji made delicious chai. They are a very sweet family, the husband is finding it difficult to pick up work so they rely on the sewing and embroidery work from the Saheli centre to support the home and bring in the income....

and still they are always smiling!

shanti Ji Teller Clothing
Megan Sharkey