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Hello friends,
Happy New Year!

Post-Christmas for Teller has been an industrious time full of behind-the-scenes website building, planning and plotting. Things are nearly ready to launch which is really exciting and I can’t wait to share the imagery with everyone and begin securing shops that can sell the pieces!

A little preview of the homepage

A little preview of the homepage

Really great news from India; thanks to the hard work of IPHD and their brand partners, each of the women working in the centre where the Teller pieces are made have received a 100,000Rs Health insurance certificate, joining less than 20% of India’s population with health insurance. It is an amazing step that continues to improve their overall security, leading to happier lives!

Teller women health

Whilst I am in London, as well as getting orders for the Teller pieces, I will be working to promote the women and the embroidery / stitching they can do in order to secure them work throughout the year. This involves spreading the word, meeting with the British Fashion Council and talking to designers to highlight the production that they can work on, but if you know of any small business who would like to add another story to their business through sewing or embroidery, please get in touch.
Apologies for the delay in the crowdfunder rewards and gifts, they are currently stuck in India but will be shipped to me shortly. A late Christmas present perhaps. Also I will soon be in touch to ask for some help, but you’re saved for now.
Peace and love xxx

Megan Sharkey