Teller Post 004

Hello friends,

Sending huge Christmas wishes out to you. Vegetation time is nearly upon us.
Have arrived safely back in the UK and it is actually ok…. The cold is manageable, the bland food is appealing and the calm, quiet streets make a nice change from the constant chaos of India. Although I do miss the village very much.

Teller village

Due to travelling and a bit of illness at the end of the trip I didn’t quite manage to finish everything up so the beginning of next year is when I’ll be sending out your crowdfunder rewards, as well as launching the website and releasing the collection to the world!
Bring on 2017!

The aim is to improve the lives of a group of women by improving their income, training and working standards. The women’s centre is run by the amazing charity IPHD who take into account all aspects of how they live and strives to make notable, sustainable improvements. During my time there funding was raised for each of the women to receive private health insurance and from next year each of the women will get a basic salary with additional work being paid on top of that, instead of them being paid per piece sewn, giving financial security. Their goal is to employ 150 women by the end of next year, and it feels great to be a part of their journey.

Teller Polaroid

A small Christmas gift to you, a sneaky polaroid from our photoshoot in Mumbai. 


Megan Sharkey