Teller Post 001

Hi friends,
I have been in this crazy, beautiful place for over a week now and I feel quite oddly at home, am getting used to the constant car horns and the spontaneous bursts of shouting that everyone seems to do. 

Teller market jodhpur

I have spent a lot of time in tiny fabric shops where hundreds of meters of fabrics are pulled out of the smallest spaces, and then travelling from place to place, nearly getting killed by rickshaw drivers.

Teller rickshaw

I've also been lucky enough to take a few trips to the village of Bikhamkor, which is around an hour and a half drive each way, to where the clothes will be made. It is a hot, dusty, traditional agricultural village where the women didn't have any form of income before the womens' centre was opened by IPHD.  

Teller village small

Despite the village lacking in basic needs such as reliable electricity and water, these women are the strongest, funniest (and loudest) I have met. They are so welcoming and are really passionate about learning and improving their skills. The centre provides them with well rounded support such as a shared garden growing vegetables, health talks and every year they run a micro-loan program where a few of the women learn about finances and can begin their own small enterprises.

Teller women

The training is coming on nicely and I can't wait to share more with you over the coming weeks. 



Teller - Leeila sewing
Megan Sharkey