Teller Post 002

Over a month in India already!

It has been a very productive time providing skills training for the women - mainly practicing different seams and finishings, trying to get them to slow down and break away from their in-built habit of rushing to finish the work as quickly as possible! However, they are really keen to do the best work and the enthusiasm that they put towards it is amazing to see. We have also been tidying up the centre to make it into a more professional work space by getting new machinery, organising cupboards, cleaning the place up and making it into a really nice environment to work in.

Teller - Kojiro painting door

The trips to the village are my favourite part of the week. It is a really great atmosphere in the centre as everyone sits together and chats away. It's a mix of ages, religions and castes, just women talking about (and comparing) their work...gossiping, and occasionally arguing so loudly that everyone starts laughing.

Teller - women village

Madhu and I went to the pink city of Jaipur a few weeks ago to pick up some fabric, including vegetable hand block prints that are specific to the area. We had to go out of town and drive down back alleys to find the recommended places... the place with the best fabric had two rats running down the stairs as we were taking off our shoes to go up! Such good fabric but lots of grumpy men who didn't seem very happy that we were there, a really surreal experience.

Here is a cheeky preview of some of the fabrics you will see in the final products...


I am currently finalising which fabrics / colours / embroideries will be where and as soon as the Diwali holiday is finished it is full steam ahead to make the final samples, really exciting and also pretty terrifying, in a good way.

I also had time to ride a camel to the desert and sleep on the dunes under the stars which was the most incredible thing to do....if I go missing there is a very, very high chance I've just gone back there to live amongst the cacti and giant beetles.

Teller - nomad dreams

But back to clothes, will keep updating along the way... if you get impatient you can also check instagram :) 

Love from sunny India, 35degrees strong xxx

Megan Sharkey